Permethrin LMP 50 mg/g gel

Therapeutic indications

Permethrin LMP 50 mg/g gel is indicated for the treatment of scabies infestation in adults, adolescents and children above 2 months of age.

Method of administration

Gel should be applied as a thin layer to skin which is clean, dry and cool and should not be used immediately after a hot bath. The gel rubs completely into the skin so you do not need to keep applying more gel until you can see it on the skin.

Pharmacodynamic properties

Permethrin is a mix of syntethic pyrethroid cis- and trans- isomers. It is a topical insecticide and acaricide that acts on many insects and acaria, including scabies mite. Permethrin affects membranes of insects neurons, disrupting potassium and sodium ion flow in the channels regulating membrane polarization (mainly voltage gated sodium channels). This disruption results in parasite paralysis.


Topical permethrin is the first line treatment option for scabies in most of the EU, US, CA guidlines, systematic reviews and meta-analyses including Cochrane reviews mainly due to its efficacy, safety (low systemic avaliability after topical administration except for very young skin (permethrin is contraindicated in infants below two months of age)) and longer deposition in the skin which facilitate more convenient treatment regimen. Other options are: topical 1 % lindane and 0.5 % malathion, however in those cases there are safety concerns related to higher toxicity, topical and oral ivermectin is avaliable in limited number of countries in EU and so far its use for scabies treatment is at early stage (especially in topical form), topical 25 % benzyl benzoate (and lower concentrations like 10 % in case of paediatric population) which requires multiple applications and also raises some concerns in case of paediatric population and due to irritant properties, 10 % crotamiton which seems to be slighty less effective and many other less documented therapies including those of herbal origin which are generally not recommended in EU.


Permethrin, ethanol, carbomer, trolamine, purified water.

Nature and contents of container

Aluminium tube with epoxy phenolic internal coating and polypropylene screw cap, containing 30 g of gel, packed into cardboard boxes with patient information leaflet.

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